My name is Michael Bergland, I'm a self taught artist. I was first interested in illustrating Comic Books but eventually I discovered the art of Story Boarding and Concept Art for Film, Video Games and Television.
As an Artist I found these mediums to be challenging and full of variety, this blog is a display of my current and past works.


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

ImagineFX weekly challenge submission

 All done in Sketch Book Pro this is my first 100% digital painting. The theme this week Was Temple Ruins, which was suppose to have a Lara Crofft/Indiana Jones  feel to it

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

WIP for Tales of Melunar Project

Two wips of Characters for a short film project I'm working on. First image is a concept head design of the Queens Guards. The second one is One of the main characters Smirks.

Personal Work

Personal works well learning how to use My Wacom Tablet. These were Texture Brush tests.

ImagineFX weekly challenge submission

Created for a Weekly Challenge at ImagineFX. The theme was Big Flying Rodent Guy and Little Red Bird. You had design two Comic Book style characters. I decided to do a Big Flying Squirrel and a Cardinal.